SW The 21st Century Student's Guide to Financial Literacy - Getting Personal

What your students don’t know about money will hurt them! Financial literacy is a skill essential to living and thriving in the modern world. Financial illiteracy can limit social and economic opportunities, lead to high debt levels and unstable financial futures.

This course is based on The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Getting Personal. Your students will learn the basic personal finance and money management skills and strategies everyone needs for making informed financial decisions and building a life of financial stability.

In 18 chapters, students learn about a variety of topics, including understanding the differences between wealth and income, employment, employee benefits, taxes and withholding, education’s link to financial security, banking, saving, household budgeting, consumer credit and credit cards, 401K retirement plans, IRAs, homeownership, renting, investing, the risks of co-borrowing and co-ownership, health insurance, auto insurance, the true costs of addiction and crime, and much more.

Students master over 350 key personal finance terms and concepts!

Practice activities and assessments included.

Included in each chapter is an activity introducing students to a political or economic issue highly relevant to their financial future such as identity theft, artificial intelligence, crypto-currency, the Social Security controversy, gender pay gap, Wall Street reform, free college controversy, and more.

This is the best in personal finance curriculum and just possibly the most valuable life skills course your students will ever take. This course can be used as a resource for a stand alone personal finance class, or taken independently.

Includes the student e-book (385 read-only pages), with Instructor review and commentary podcasts, downloadable chapter activities binders, chapter assessments, e-vocabulary flashcards, and multiple Debate/Persuade GenZ topics. Also available in print. Instructor's E-Guide available.

What topics are covered in this course/e-workbook?

  • differences between wealth and income
  • employment
  • employee benefits
  • taxes and withholding
  • education’s link to income and wealth
  • banking
  • saving
  • household budgeting
  • consumer credit
  • managing a credit card
  • 401K retirement plans
  • IRAs
  • homeownership
  • renting
  • investing
  • the risks of co-borrowing and co-signing
  • health insurance
  • auto insurance

and much more. Students master over 300 key personal finance terms and concepts. Each chapter includes optional activities related to a political or economic issue highly relevant to students’ financial futures such as identity theft, Social Security controversy, gender pay gap, Wall Street reform, the free college controversy, and more. There’s even fun financial trivia. Just possibly the most valuable course your students will ever take!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course begins when the student creates their account. It is a completely self-paced online course.
How long do students have access to the course?
After enrolling, students have unlimited access to this course for one semester ( 100 days) across any and all devices they own.
My district's business office requires a quote. How do I get one?
No problem. Just email us at [email protected] with the number of student accounts you will need and we'll get a quote to you. If you want to include print copies of the student text, or any instructor's guides, include that information too.
Can my school or district purchase student accounts with a purchase order?
Yes. Just go to www.fiancialliteracylessons.com. Download an order form and fax it with your purchase order to 949-209-1871. We will email you the appropriate number of coupon codes for distribution to your students. Students input their coupon code to set up their online course access.
What if our school is unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund.
I have more questions about this course. Can I talk to someone at finlitacademyonline?
Sure! Feel free to call or email with questions. 949-723-5131 or [email protected]
Is this course also available in print?
Yes. You can buy print copies at www.financialliteracylessons.com.

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The Financial Literacy Team
The Financial Literacy Team

Susan Mulcaire is a finance attorney-turned-teacher who leads the Financial Literacy Academy team. She holds a B.A. from U.C Berkeley, a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law, and a teaching credential from Concordia University. She practiced banking and finance law for over 20 years and is the author of several college readiness programs for middle school and high school.

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